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We embody the comforts of a family home while providing the freshest, tasteful delicacies of Asian cuisine. You can enjoy tasty sushi rolls or snack on artful sashimi. For those who have a group, boats can be presented with a touch of elegance and an eyeful or beauty. Our dishes are prepared with care from our experienced and dedicated chefs.

In a separate room, the tables all have a Korean hibachi like cooking area that is fitted with a metal cover. The wait staff will start the fire right in front of you before displaying platters of meats, colorful vegetables, and delicious spices. They will give you a quick lesson how Koreans traditionally set up their 'ondol,' the Korean BBQ table heating system. The presentation when paired with the exotic view of multicolored, vibrant side dishes served with the Korean entrees will make you come back for more.

Please feel welcome to experience a warm family restaurant with exquisite food and a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy any of our favorite dishes brought from Japan and Korea right here in Miami. We are proud to serve you with utmost quality and service possible. We hope to see you soon!